Little Hands association was founded in 2010, and is responsible for supporting fair trade and economic solidarity projects with different movements of working children and youth in Latin America and Africa. The Association is present in Latin America (Colombia end Chiapas- Mexico) through the collaboration with the NATs movement (Niños Adolescentes Trabajadores) and in Africa (Burkina Faso and Benin) with the collaboration of the EJT movement (Enfants Jeunes Travailleurs); and it also cooperates with associations that work for the promotion of the right of children and young people.

The office of the Little Hands association is located in Cantù, (CO) Italy.


Fabio interview with Christine, an Ejt (enfants jeunes travailleur) from Benin, a little girl who provides domestic services in the market of Santa Rita Cotonou. CLIK

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Intervista di Fabio a Christine una Ejt (enfants jeunes travailleur) del Benin, una bambina domestica nel mercato di Santa Rita Cotonou