– Make a cooperation and participation agreement with the WC for the promotion and the trading of the products (Analysis and proposal s about the projects will be carried out together with the producers);

– Carry out a study on the trademark for the WC products

– Establish alliances with the organisations working with the movements; among them ItaliaNATs and Europanats network

– Develop a communication and marketing strategy;

– Develop new channels for selling the products: national and international fairs, dedicated events, and selling through mail and internet.

– Opening new selling points (beyond fair trade shops)

– Create the adequate structure for an Association, together with Italianats, in order to import the products.

– Create a working group that is committed and works towards the goals of this projects

– Supporting innovation and qualification of the products made by WC (it is necessary that the products are accompanied by a written explanation taking into account different features: who has made the product, where it has been made, under which conditions etc. It must also clarify that the products are symbols of the fight against exploitation of WC and that they are part of a solidarity-based project aiming at the protection of children rights.

Creation of a Website that allows the promotion and the advertisement of the products to be sold

Expected results

– Within the first year, we will define the cooperation with 2 base organisations in each continent.

– Within the first year we have established with Italianats an agreement on the trading of the products.

– Within the second year, 3 national movements have started to produce certificates stating that only dignified work contributed to the production of the sold objects.

– Participate in 2 national fairs and at least one international fairs, plus a variety of local events.

– We have set up a selling system through mail and internet


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